Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lucky13 Bee Goes to Kansas for Karen

Here's my "Rocky Road to Kansas" block for Karen (Dec Queen Bee). Thanks to the super-thorough "" demo link & copies Karen included, the piecing went very smoothly and was a lot of fun.  I dug through my stash & found a small piece of green Kaffe Fassett "Short Stripes" fabric that a friend had given me, but I had not yet used.  I ended up loving how it looks when cut so much that I went online and ordered 2 yards of it, so don't be surprised to see it reappear down the line.  (FYI - While I do the vast majority of my fabric shopping locally, Quiltmaker magazine had an ad for Keepsake Quilting's new "" with 15% off for first time shoppers promo code UQQM12C (expires 1/1/12), providing justification for an immediate purchase.  Not that it ever takes much prompting...)


  1. love it and think she's going to have an eye-popping quilt when all done.
    Thanks too for the coupon info..... :)


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