Monday, January 23, 2012

Lucky 13 Catch-Up

I've got a backlog of Lucky 13 Bee Blocks to share with you all. First up a tree for Daniela, based on a tutorial I found here.

Next  up is a Rocky Road to Kansas block for Karen. This one was a challenge for me since the majority of my scraps are red, brown and black, the three banned colours! That's what happens when you keep making quilts with the same colour palette, I guess. This was also my first time paper piecing and I really enjoyed it! I also liked the accidental fussy cutting that happened with the ducks and the dog, hopefully they aren't too childish.

And finally, a block for Chris, hopefully incorporating the greens, a curve, a hint of black and a dash of red from my scrap pile. This was my first time piecing a curve and I made use of Victoria's Waverunner Quilt tutorial to help me figure out what to do. Steam was my friend.

Now I'm ready for whatever February and Ellen throw at me!


  1. First of all, who are you? Second, what great blocks! I love the block you made for me - and the Daniela's and Karen's are fantastic, nice job!

    1. HA! I guess I should have put my name as a tag. I'm Tina :)

    2. GREAT blocks Tina!!! I love them all!!! And I love the colors you picked!!! Looking forward to seeing you Saturday! Karen


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