Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bee Block Catch-Up

I never posted my January block, even though Maureen's had it for weeks now. Well, here it is, my first scrappy pineapple:

I've been quilting for two years, and only now have I accumulated enough scraps to start contemplating a scrap quilt. (Exciting!) I learned an important lesson from making Maureen's block: just because it's made from scraps doesn't mean you should include every color there is. This ended up being way more of a rainbow explosion than I had intended. But Maureen said she liked it, so I guess it's okay!

And here's Kim's cute little Eskimo:

The wonky log cabin was super fun to make! I was halfway through the block before I discovered the snowflake fabric in my stash. Yay! Good thing Fabric.com sent me this by mistake a few months ago!


1 comment:

  1. Really like the dimensionality of your pineapple---yay, scrappy!
    And love your eskimo. She is looks so cute on my wall. I can't believe you had those great little snowflakes--makes me giggle everytime I walk by her!


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