Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lucky 13 Bee Blocks

I realized when I went to look at the directions for the Cherrywood Challenge (yep, I'm a little behind these days) that I never posted pictures of my Bee Blocks!

Here's my block for Chris - green, a hint of black, a pop of color & some curves. I accidentally cut my fabric wrong for the curve, so I ended up with 2 curves. This was a fun block, since I learned what NOT to do! But I still like the way the block turned out. Sometimes our "mistakes" force us to be more creative!

And here's Daniela's Christmas tree block! I thought the tiny HST's would be an issue, but they weren't so bad. However, this was the block that refused to be 12.5"! Every time I thought I was done, I would measure and it would be off. Ooops!

Eventually, the block cooperated & I was able to send it off to Daniela! I had a blast with this block! I cranked up the Christmas tunes and went to town!

Of course, now I still have to finish the block from when I was the "Queen Bee!"


  1. Karen . . . I do have your december queen bee block and will bring it on Saturday . . . sorry to have not mailed it sooner!!!

    1. No worries Chris! Like I said, I still have to make my block!!! :) See you tomorrow!

  2. Love your tree block and the story of its independent nature! Both blocks are great!


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