Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nametag Swap

It was really great to see everyone at the meeting today.  As I was looking around though, I saw so many of us still don't have nametags, or didn't remember to bring them.  So I was thinking... how about a nametag swap?
Who's got the nicer nametag??
What is this?!  I can't even read that!
I know it's got a lot of letters, but can someone help Bernadette out?
If you'd like to make a nametag for another guild member and have one made for you, comment on this post (make sure you're not a "no-reply" commenter!) or send an email to jessunderquilts at yahoo dot com and I'll send you someone's name.  (Sign-ups close next Sunday, Feb. 12th, at midnight) Make them a nametag and bring it to the April 4th March 31st meeting, easy enough, right?

But what if I have a nametag already?  Doesn't matter, it's fun to have more than one!  None of us ever stopped at just one quilt, have we?

Here are some of the amazing nametags already on display at today's meeting:

Feel free to use these for inspiration or come up with your own design.  Anything goes really--
  • any shape
  • any size (within reason)
  • made from fabric (but any fabrics will do)
  • embelish or don't
  • bind it, pillow case it, or raw edge with pinking shears
"Write" your partner's name legibly in the center. 
  • pieced in fabric
  • written in marker/fabric pen
  • painted
  • thread painted
  • rubber stamped
  • embroidered
Make some way to wear the nametag.
  • attach a string to hang around the neck
  • add a safety pin to the back
I don't doubt the creativity of this group for a moment!  I'm sure anything you make will be great.

So who's in?  (Sign-ups close next Sunday, Feb. 12th, at midnight)


  1. I will gladly make a name tag for someone with a shorter name! -Bernadette

  2. I would love to participate. Maria.

  3. count me in... If you give me a name asap I can make it by hand while I am away for the next 10 days...


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