Friday, August 31, 2012

While it rains....

This is the first long weekend of the school year...and it's raining and raining because of hurricane Isaac.  I'm not complaining because we've been in a drought all summer.  Also, it makes for perfect conditions for me to do some sewing while the hubby naps on the couch.

A Liberated Log Cabin for Binita

Red and White with some Cheddar for Nicole

When the sun comes back out, I will take a picture of my New York Beauty wallhanging.  I have it hanging in my living room.  I find myself just staring at's AMAZING!  Also, I'm getting the binding on last year's bee quilt.  I love all the quilts I make, but these are two of my favorites.


  1. Wow, in love with both blocks! Your log cabin is looks so cool and unique. Thank you so much!

    You were so quick with Nicole's block, and it's just fabulous. You've set the bar!

  2. Love the red and white block! Never seen that great pattern before. Thanks so much!

  3. So glad you both like your blocks! The red and white one (slightly modified to add the cheddar)is called 'Missing Your Kiss' from the book Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Designers.


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