Friday, June 28, 2013

Long Way to Piece

Hello Metro Mod Quilters-

I'm inspired by Jess at lifeunderquilts to redouble my efforts on my "post-Sandy" hand piecing project. Since I don't have my own blog, I'm going to write this post for her "Monday Morning Star Count" ( My counts will more likely end up being on Fridays since that's when I tend to have some free time these days...

This quilt started because my power went out early during Superstorm Sandy. I was planning to go to bed early that night but was too anxious. I ended up cutting diamonds out of my fat scrap pile... by flashlight! I had one star left over from my first hand-piecing effort, and I decided to embed it in a new project which ended up being chevrons. Somehow I often have a rainbow theme to my quilts. I love the color wheel in its entirety and I can't seem to leave any out. I have lots of diamonds now, on the order of 500 or so:
That photo was taken in November 2012. It shows generally how I intend to put it together: one star in each set of four rows, blending through the color wheel from one side to the other. By now I have finished piecing a couple of star sections:

I am not the fastest quilter in the world! I may still make these rows longer, I want to end up with a good sized nap/lap quilt. I have pieced 158 diamonds so far, so perhaps I am a quarter of the way through? I have brought this project to a couple of meetings so far, I'm sure it will take many more! I'm listening to Railroad Earth's "Long Way to Go" right now ( which seems appropriate...


  1. So glad you haven't forgotten about this one. It's going to be great~
    Miss you..

  2. amazing... and such patience!!!!

  3. Can't wait to see these in person. I agree about loving all colors, but will try to stick to Indigo in my current EPP. Of course, that is probably a futile attempt. See you on Monday Morning Stars....

  4. Oh wow, I love your layout. I am drawn to quilts that shift color like this, and having the star in them is brilliant.


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