Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lucky Bee - July Blocks for Ellen

A bit delayed, these two squares for Ellen. What seemed an easy challenge, ended up with the realization that I cannot sew a straight line. I would cut, measure and double check and I had a square. After sewing, somehow the blocks transformed and they were not perfectly square anymore (argghh!). After a couple of tries, this is what I could produce. Not really wonky but... I hope they work for you, Ellen!


  1. They look beautiful! So vibrant - the one on the right looks like a sunset.

    Maria, it is not is the block. I had the same problem and I know others did from the notes I have received. (Maybe we are just wonky quilters???) Despite any supposed challenges, the blocks I have received so far have been perfect and beautiful! I am sure these two will be as well.

  2. Those blocks are very colourful and vibrant, very nice. I don't usually get square blocks either. I don't worry, though, I just make them a little bigger, and trim them all to the same size. Don't pull your hair out over something like this, just figure out a way to make it work for yourself!

  3. Thank you for the comments. The fabrics were so beautiful that I do still like them a lot. Ellen, did you know that I made a quilt for my parents mostly from those Japanese navy blue fabrics? I am a fan, and now so are they.


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