Monday, September 9, 2013

Lucky 13 Bee - Block for Naomi

Here's my bee block for Noami.  I really loved the fabric and the freedom of this month's block.  I tried a couple, new-to-me techniques:  curved piecing, NY Beauty Block and mitered corners.  It was nice to try these things without committing to making an entire quilt and repeating them dozens of times. 

The theme was water, so I'd initially tried to create a sort of puddle/water drop in a pond look using the green center piece and some curved piecing.  Not highly successful, so I switched gears to this paper pieced pattern, which still conveys something of that idea to me.  I also used very "watery" fabrics, batiks with water movement and droplets picking up colors that appeared in the hand dyed fabrics we were given. 

Naomi - I am putting this in the mail today!

-- Andrea F.


  1. I also see something like the mariner's compass...good for sea journeys!
    Well done with all your techniques!

  2. Think the "compass" idea fits the theme perfectly ... just like your block!


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