Friday, October 25, 2013

Modern Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Just wanted to share a photo of the double wedding ring quilt I'm working on for the challenge.  I'm using some "special" aka horded fabric that I'd hand dyed.  I picked up a set of templates from City Quilter - I think they're a bit larger and seemed like they could make things easier for me, that's still TBD. 

There is also a free double wedding ring pattern using a paper piecing method over here at Free Spirit Fabric's Website.  Their example quilt uses a very busy background fabric which creates a nice effect. 

Here are links to a few other modernish or interesting techniques/fabrics double wedding ring quilts that I found inspiring.  One uses striped fabrics for the ring which creates an interesting effect.


  1. Beautiful "horded" fabric ... good luck! Thanks for the links ... very distinct styles ... interesting.

  2. Great! I really like the shape of those stripes in your hand-dyed fabric....electric! I've been working on my DWR this week, too. Thanks for sharing the great links.....the one with 9-patch arcs is pretty amazing!


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