Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mod Bee 3 October Block for Maria - "Story of You"

I was terrified when I got Maria's package in the mail. I've never sewn curves, and never planned to. When I saw her at Quilters Take Manhattan I was like "I got your envelope... you want me to sew WHAT?!?!?".

Anyway, my initial fear quickly diminished after I read (and re-read) QB's clear instructions and visited the resources she provided. She even made fancy templates for us!

Maria asked that we use fabrics that represent us in some way. I love black & white and can't resist a nice graphic b&w print. But I also love color and the way a hint of color looks when you introduce it to an overwhelmingly b&w scheme. Also pink. And pandas. Who can resist pandas?

Will mail this week. Hope you like it Maria!


  1. this is great... love the subtlety of the colors

  2. Hayden, you made me laugh! I love your block, and may I say how wonderful it looks... and it was your first attempt at curves???? I am not showing you mine. I am not. Thank you very much!

  3. Hayden, when I look at this beautiful block, I think, Yes ... it's so you!

  4. really fun......and yes, pandas! hehehe


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