Monday, May 19, 2014

Onwards, to the stars!

Hello Quilters-
I'm posting an update so I can link to Jess's Star Count over at lifeunderquilts. And the count is... not that much! Since I last posted on my progress, though, I've almost finished basting diamonds. I'm out of templates again now, and I don't want to buy more- so I'm going to see how much piecing I can get done in the near future to free some up. I've got 35 diamonds pieced in my "purple" section, can you tell which ones?
I'm not sure I'll meet the 2nd of my goals, finishing the piecing by the end of this month. It's been a very busy semester. But yesterday was graduation! I've got a sick day today, and a vacation coming up... here's hoping I can crank up the pace a bit. I am looking forward to finishing laying out the "blue" and "green" sections!

Maybe by our next meeting I'll have something for show and tell!! Happy sewing, everyone-



  1. Enjoy your vacation. If you get it done fine. If not fine too.

  2. May seems to be the busiest month for me, too. You have it laid out in a sunny spot, so it will not be forgotten!

  3. This looks lovely! It isn't a race so it does not matter how long you take.

  4. This is my very very favorite style of EPP, when the colors are perfectly matched but neither is it completely scrappy and random.

    I recently bought a set of templates to try out and after receiving them realized that it'll take 24 (of 25) to make ONE of the layout I wanted to try. This will mean much basting and then sewing and then basting and then sewing, to even get an idea of it's look. Grrrr.

  5. Beautiful! Busy times, but I do hope you are able to keep at it! :)


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