Friday, August 8, 2014

Help Wanted: Photography and Blogging for Meetings

Do you enjoy the stories behind the Show & Tell quilts? Would you like to help capture and preserve them on the NYC Metro Modern Quilters blog?

As much as I love capturing everyone's stories it definitely takes me a while to upload and write the posts for the Show & Tell/Monthly Meeting recaps. As we meet more often, it will definitely be harder for me to keep up with posts, so I am looking for volunteers to help lighten the load. 

I am happy to share the tasks and change them up at every meeting or split out the year's meetings in case someone cannot attend. 

What does this involve?
- Attending the meeting and staying through Show & Tell
- Taking notes during the meeting (you will be provided with a sheet of everyone who has signed up to present a Show & Tell item)
- Photographing each quilt using a digital camera. I have a point and shoot and have it set on "Auto." No fancy photography skills needed!
- Uploading photos into an Adobe Photoshop template containing the NYC Metro Mod logo (I have this ready made and can share the template) and making selections
- Uploading selections into Blogger
- Writing up descriptions for each quilt
- Making updates as needed for links or names (this hardly happens)

I am flexible and open to and welcome any help offered! 

There are many ways we can do this. We can break up the tasks and each person can be responsible for an individual task (i.e. just taking notes at the meeting, just taking photos, or just uploading to the blog). I will really need the help in the upcoming membership year since three additional meetings will be added!

Please email me (mama dot peaches dot ny at gmail dot com) directly if you can assist. Many thanks in advance!

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