Sunday, September 28, 2014

Good Morning!  I'm still inspired by all the great quilts guild members shared yesterday - great meeting!  As requested, here's the link to the Seaside Stitches Fabric Box tutorial that led me to create the 5 boxes above, with more on the way... 
WARNING:  This is addicting as a) they are quick, easy and super cute and b) you somehow end up feeling that using (2) 10" squares of fabric and batting from you stash creates a fabric deficit so great that it can only be filled by buying at least a 1/2 yard of new fabric - perhaps Melanie Testa's Meadowlark??  Or something from  Oh - one comment - on step 7 remember that the fabric that is folded into the middle will be your outer/bottom of the box fabric.  Also, at that step, I stitched closed the open edges of the little 2" triangles that are formed, as they become folds inside the box and I didn't want stuff getting stuck in them.  Personal choice! 

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  1. thanks for posting this... I think I have to get busy!


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