Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Craft Hope Challenge - Reusable Sanitary Pads for Tina's cause

Hi, Mods! One of the things that have been happening lately in our meetings, and which make me very excited, is that we are all coming together with our skills to support different charities.

Our member Tina M. brought to us a challenge to support charities in Africa, which empower girls to pursue education by allowing them to attend class, everyday, without having to miss out because of their period.

Tina showed us some reusable sanitary pads that she made and encouraged us to help her make some more. The deadline for this request is November 15th.  If you look in Tina's post you can get all the details and instructions to make the pads.

Margaret already made some! If you want to take a look, go to her post about it.

Last Saturday, at Pins&Needles, we sewed but we also chat. A lot. Andrea M. and I were talking about how to make one or two pads you need fleece (to prevent the pad from slipping), a type of fabric we don't usually have in our stashes. That has been, honestly, what has kept me from making the pads. 

We both decided then, that it would be so easy for us to get the fleece, cut it up and bring it to our next meeting to distribute some "pad kits". Would you want to help us making them? Tina said she can do the snaps, so you would only have to provide the fabric for the top. I am going to bring some batting scraps for the filling and if you have some cotton batting scraps to contribute we can make this thing work.

So, a call to all mods for our next meeting: please bring some batting scraps (no poly) and considering bringing home some kits to help Tina and Craft Hope.

Thank you, 

Maria G


  1. Oh your girls are so clever! Thanks Maria and Andrea. I will bring some batting too. I would love to make some too, but didn't have the right materials. Thanks!! you guys rock!

  2. Hey Guys, thanks for organizing this!

    There are lots of different tutorial for pads online which call for different materials (fleece, PUL, cotton terry, flannel etc) so please don't feel like you need to be held back if you don't have one particular type of material!

    I will bring my snap tool to the next meeting, but I can only add snaps to completed pads.

    Please remember that the deadline for this project is Nov 15th, but this is the last date at which items should ARRIVE at "We are Kenya".



  3. I have a question about the fleece: is fusible fleece good enough for the pads or does it need to be a special kind of fleece? I also wanted to make some of these but wasn't sure I had the right materials.

    1. Hi Emily,

      I honestly don't know the answer to your question, I'm making these for the first time too! Have a look at the links to tutorials in my original post and then just use your best judgement. The fleece/microfiber/PUL layer is optional but it designed to be a water resistant/repellant bottom layer. If you think fusible fleece will work with that then I'd say go ahead.



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