Monday, December 8, 2014

A project finished in less than a day!

Hello all-
I was so happy to see the NYCMMQG meeting recap from November. Having sadly missed the meeting last Saturday, it was nice to see those smiling faces and gorgeous quilts again. I'm also so happy that Jess' Monday Morning Star Count is still going strong! This week, I am sharing a project that I finished in less than a day. I started this pincushion
while watching a movie on a Friday night, and finished it completely (including a trip to Petco for the crushed walnut shell filler!) just after lunch the next day. The project is based on an idea in Jess' book Quilting on the Go, which is a terrific reference for any quilter. Not only are the projects clever and inspiring, but the detailed instructions on hand piecing are extremely helpful. And the layout of the book is absolutely beautiful! Do you have a quilter on your gift list?

I've got three quilts nearly ready to sandwich together, but they are mostly in varying stages of stalled. I needed to finish something, and this was very satisfying! Here's hoping I have something to show at our meeting in February... 
Happy holidays, everyone!


  1. I love this pincushion! What a great shape. I expect it could double as an anti-stress ball, if you took the pins out!

  2. I love this! I like Blue Moth's idea...I may make one to handle stressful days at the office! LOL Beautiful work and love the colors!


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