Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rachael's December Group Quilt Info

Lots of firsts in this post. My first post on the NYC Metro Mod blog (whoo!), my first group quit (yeee!) to end my first year with a group of lovely & inspirational people (rousing round of applause and appreciative nods all around.)

So here are the guidelines for the group quilt idea that I spoke about at the December meeting. Get your inner minimalist out and your improvised piecing on (or should it be in?)

- Blocks made from provided dark grey background. Finished block can be any size.
- You should use the neon material to make a strip (of any shape through the block. The strip of neon fabric should be a finished 1" exactly at any exit & entry points. Finished blocks will be arranged to all line up within the quilt.

- You can add other shapes to the block but please keep the fabrics pretty modern - minimal of print - no Laura Ashley esq prints!

Please pay attention to seams. Press the neon strips out towards the grey background.

Seams in the grey background fabric press open (this will help them blend during the quilting process.) 

Any questions/concerns please e-mail me at

Until February - have a wonderful holiday season and stay warm & safe everyone. x

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  1. I admire this project Rachael and would love to participate. Unfortunately I missed the meeting so please watch for my email: I will send my snail mail address & if you have extra fabric please send some.



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