Wednesday, January 28, 2015

QuiltCon 2015 - Who's Going?

Hi Mods!

Just wanted to pop in to see if anyone else from the guild is attending QuiltCon in Austin this year. If so, what classes/lectures/events will you be attending? Please share in the comments!

For those of you not attending, I will definitely post a recap when I get back!


  1. My schedule:
    2/19: New Cathedral Windows - Johanna Masko, Color - Anna Maria Horner, MODA Party
    2/20: Lectures: Quilts of th 70s, Quilts of Luke Haynes
    2/21: Piecing - Lee Heinrich
    2/21: Keynote - Quilters of Gee's Bend

    Hope to see you there!

  2. Good idea, Nellie! I am going too!
    Here is my schedule:
    2/19 - Jacqui Gering lecture, at 3pm (I am waitlisted for Color, but there is zero chance I will get in)
    2/20 - Intro to Paperless Paper Piecing - Cristy Fincher
    2/21 - Mod Corsage - AMH / Keynote with Gee's Bender quilters
    2/22 - Paper Piecing pattern design - Penny Layman / MQG general session during lunch break (only if I am not starving)

    BTW, you got my favorite class, Drive by Color. You'll have to tell me all about it!

    1. It was definitely hard to choose, Maria! And seriously pressure-packed the day of registration! I originally enrolled in a few more classes, but came to my senses later and chose a few technique-focused and Anna Maria Horner, just so I can meet her. I was torn between that and Mod Corsage! I wish you were in the class with me and will be crossing my fingers for you to get off the waitlist!

  3. Hi all I will be there…however the one class i managed to get into got cancelled (booted out the system numerous times and all that i wanted was taken in a flash)…so i will be milling about at demos and such…even wait listed for a lecture…and i was one of the pre-registered folks…lol…anyway i may also sneak away and play a round of golf…since i will not be in classes..

  4. I'll be there, hope we can meet up! I got onto a Gees Bend class eventually, very happy about that :)

  5. I'l be there!! Teaching Saturday and Sunday, Lecturing Saturday at lunchtime...
    Book signing on friday, Demoing Friday at the Quiltcon Demo booth, and Sizzix, And C&T booth, and be sure to stop by the Quilt Alliance booth for some fun! I will also be going to Bill Volkening's talk... and the Moda party... wahoo! see you there!

  6. I'll be there with my coworker Jessica - we are managing the Timeless Treasures/Dear Stella booth!

  7. Blogger keeps eating my comment!

    Andrea and I will be there all 4 days, taking tons of classes. And we're hosting a meetup on Friday night at 6pm at Easy Tiger, please join us!


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