Friday, February 6, 2015

December Show & Tell Recap

Apologies for how late this is! I was not able to attend the December 6, 2014 meeting, but thanks to Lisa, Maria, and our mystery photographer for getting the images and notes. I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!

Maren showed us her “dirty baby quilt." She never thought she would use so much white for a baby quilt but was pleased with the result, showcasing the leftover fabric from our Cloud9 baby quilt challenge. The pattern is the Windy Days/Moda Chain Squares.

Hayden and three of her Timeless Treasures colleagues worked on a Big Love Quilt tutorial for Dear Stella. Her friend Claire loved the quilt so much Hayden made it for her birthday. She marked the quilt with FriXion pens and had great results.

Maureen showed us the quilt she made in Karen Hane’s class at The City Quilter using the Diamond Tread Pattern from Freshly Pieced. She used Christmas fabrics.

To celebrate her first year anniversary at the guild, Rachael shared a quilt she made for a friend who is moving awa. She will gift the quilt at a farewell party, which will be Moroccan themed. Rachael took inspiration from the party theme and researched Moroccan tiles designs, which then translated onto her quilt. The designs are all mostly unique. The rose colored fabric is an old pashmina shawl that her friend had donated to Rachael’s charity to make something out of it. Rachael shared that this quilt represents the starting point of new ideas.

Rachael also showed us a client quilt. This client gave her toddler dresses and asked her to make a pillow for her daughter. Rachael couldn’t resist the temptation to use all the fabric from the dresses so she made her this quilt. The client also got a matching pillow!

We are all familiar with Tina's love of recycling old materials into new. To make use of her leftover batting pieces, she asked her Bee group members to create two QAYG (quilt as you go) blocks with any pattern. In addition to batting, Tina provided the background fabric. Once all the blocks were returned, Tina made this lap quilt, only needing to trim a few blocks and add a few of her own. What a fun project!

Naomi showed fabric she dyed using yellow leaves. Her method involves using fabric set color, placing the fabric in the sun to set and let develop. Then, she hand and machine embroidered veins to provide details for the leaves.

Maria shared a wonderful Christmas quilt. She chose a large one-block design and machine quilted it on her home machine.

A few years ago, Jackie made a big Union Jack quilt for her husband. Her three-year-old daughter kept stealing it to use as a play tent, so Jackie decided to make her daughter her very own. Jackie kept the background fabric the same as the quilt she made for her husband. She created the quilt label on Spoonflower. This is pretty much all she managed to make during this busy year.

Jean was the winner of last month's "block of the month" raffle. She promised to make a quilt out of the blocks and did! She used all the raffle blocks plus extra geese strips she had in her WIPs. Guild members agreed that the red was a very successful element in unifying the blocks!

Stephanie is a new member and a friend of Bernadette's. Stefanie started out crocheting, but Bernadette introduced her to the world of quilting. Stefanie shared her second quilt, which she quilted herself. Beautiful color choices!

Alyson broke a foot (luckily not her sewing machine's pedal foot!). She worked on a simple charm pack quilt to which she added borders. She finished the quilt in a day and a half!

Karen showed us a quilt top she made as a sample for an upcoming class, Kitchen Windows, at The City Quilter. The class will take place on February 18th. She will be adding some borders. She chose this pattern for its versatility and its ability to showcase favorite or special fabrics.

Chris showed a panel she quilted with a star pattern she downloaded from the internet.

Margaret started making two separate quilts and decided to put all the pieces together to make this beautiful quilt. She machine and hand quilted in sections and then joined the pieces by hand.

Sara was determined to have something to show at this meeting so she purchased a Craftsy kit to make the process go faster and then quilted the final piece on her Bernina.

Jacqui showed us a quilt top for a new baby. She used Far Far Away fabric by Heather Ross and will quilt it using straight lines.

Rossanna showed us a quilt she made for an 18 year-old girl, the daughter of her son's doctor. Her son has had six surgeries recently and she is very grateful to the surgeon, who performed four of the procedures. She chose a disappearing nine patch pattern with 6-inch squares.

Rossanna also shared some blocks submitted by bee members. The project called for a wonky nine patch backgournd with an appliqued flower. The flowers needed to be made with candy, coffee, or tea wrappers. The bee members were curious as to how she planned to join the blocks.

Andrea M. continued her indulgence of critter patterned fabrics and used them to make a quilt in Karen Hayne's class at The City Quilter. The background fabric was the perfect choice for this critter garden quilt!

Lisa shared this beautiful and detailed block with us.

That's a wrap! See everyone very soon!

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