Saturday, April 25, 2015

FMQ Workshop

We had a really fun day today.

We played with 5 basic quilting shapes
- Straight line
- Arc
- Loop
- S shape
- Hook
How many patterns you can make by taking just one of these basic elements?

Rosanna immediately took down an all over flower motif made of arcs.

And Deborah made this most divine design with soft hooks - it is a motif from a zentangle design. 

I nagged poor Jackie until she tried something spikey - as you can see she has arcs and loops totally down. 

I see thread sketching in the future for Sandy.

Of course there were some over achievers in the class (not mentioning any names!!)

Look how happy 'hostess with the mostest' is - she isn't scared of FMQ anymore!

Andrea found a love for organic shapes dense pebbling!

Susie who had never FMQ'd before did these awesome minimalist straight line motifs in neon orange on soft blue - her straight lines were freehand!

 MayAnn showed what a graceful touch she has at FMQ - arcs, s-shapes, straight lines and loops!

We tried to consider scale, direction & spacing while also trying to remember to relax and try and have fun.

We ate chocolate. 

We stood, walked and sat on all of Rachael's samplers.

And Emily won the prize for bringing the most portable accessories possible to a class. (How did I not get a picture of that!!)

Best bit? We raised $500 for Quilting A Memory!!!


  1. What a great day. I pledge to practice regularly so that I don't go back to being reluctant to use FMQ just because I'm not good at FMQ. Practice, practice, practice! Thanks Rachael and Karen.

  2. Fantastic Day!! Rachael you are the best!! and thank Karen for getting the space. and now to practice, practice and then practice some more!!!!

  3. Looks like such a fun day, sorry to have missed it.


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