Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lucky Bee 13 - Fall Black for Andrea M

Another Fall inspired block for Andrea. Three leaves, can you see them? The pattern was taken from the book "Flip your Way to Fabulous Quilts", although I had to shrink the leaves to fit them in the requested 4 by 9 inches block. There are so many tiny seams!

I hope you like it, Andrea! 

I used up all your fabric for the background but I would love to make you another block. Do you have any more fabric?


  1. Wow - gorgeous - it looks so difficult - the kind of piece I would never even try. You can definitely see the leaves. I love the colors. Boy, this quilt will be so exciting.

  2. Yes, no trouble seeing your beautiful leaves!

  3. This is beautiful, Maria. And yes, if you intend to create more beauty, I'll happily send you more fabric! Thanks so much.


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