Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Charity Block/Stash Buster

Once the we have enough petal blocks to make a quilt, we will start on the next one - a rainbow. Each block is 6" x 8", made up of strips, going in either direction, any width. Each block should be one color of the rainbow: R(red), O(orange), Y(yellow), G(green), B(blue), I(indigo), V(violet). As you see below, I combined blue and indigo - makes it easier! If you prefer to separate the two blue varieties, please do. Make as many as you want - you can even make several of one color instead of one of each, because once the quilt is put together it doesn't matter if there is an even color range, just a progression. The photo below is just a suggestion. Thanks!!!


  1. Looks nice, and right up my alley. Naomi, I am reading your instructions as 6x8 inches FINISHED, which means we have to make 6.5x8.5 inch blocks. Is that correct?

  2. Good question - I should have said just 6x8, not 'finished' size. Sorry for being unclear!

  3. Love these! They'll look great together :)


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