Sunday, April 2, 2017

May Block Lotto

Make ONE 5.5" scrappy bow tie block:

      2 - 3" squares using the same fabric
      2 - 2" squares using the same or different fabric as the 3" squares.
                Keep to the same color family.
      2 - 3" squares for the background.  Use different fabric but same color family.

Place each 2" square in a corner of your background fabric, right sides together, pin in place and draw a diagonal line.  Sew on that line.  
Note: in the photo above the right sides are not together - this is a mistake!

Press the 2" square.  out to the corner and then trim off the corner of the underneath background fabric.  
Note: The picture below is a different block from the one pictured above.

   Repeat these steps 3 more times.
      Use different fabrics for each bow tie block but keep to the same color family.
      Use different background fabrics for each bow tie block.


When you have FOUR 5.5" scrappy bow tie blocks, assemble in rows as shown below.   Press the seams in each row in opposite directions so that they nest together
when you sew the rows together.

Your background fabrics do not have to be white/off white/low volume.
See the four sample blocks below for ideas.
Each completed block uses only two colorways.
Each completed block is made up of four 5.5" bow tie blocks.

Happy Sewing!




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