Monday, May 8, 2017


Economy Block Unit

***(If you prefer to paper piece, scroll to the end for an attachment provided by 

Anita Grossman Solomon) 

These directions are for ONE block (4 blocks = 1 unit).

- Use only solids (no tone on tone or fabric that reads as a solid)
- No white or black
- No block in a unit should match another block 
  (If you absolutely must repeat a color, place it in a different position)
- Each block requires a minimum of 3 colors.
  (You can use more than 3 if you are going for scrappy.
    In the sample below, three of the blocks have 4 colors and one has 6.)


1.  Cut your fabric as shown:

      -Two 4.5" squares cut on the diagonal

      - One 5.25" square cut twice on the diagonal

      - One 3.5" square

(You may want to spray starch before making any cuts.

  Those diagonals stretch easily.)

2.  Pinch the center square in the middle of each side:

3.  Using the square cut twice on the diagonal, pinch the long side of each one.
     Take one triangle and match the pinch marks, pin and sew.
     I used a scant quarter inch seam the whole time.
4.   Repeat  on the opposite side and then trim the points.

5.  Sew on the other two sides and press open:

6.  At this point trim your square-in-a-square to 4.75".
     Take your time!  You must have a full .25" at each point of the square.
     Use all the guides on your ruler and/or mat to make this a perfect square!
     Notice how the diagonal on the ruler goes corner to corner.

7. Repeat:  pinch, match, pin, sew and press open using the remaining triangles.

8.  Now trim to 6.5" square:
     As in Step 6 above, be sure there is a full  .25" left at  each point
    of the square, and notice that the diagonal on the ruler goes from
    6.5" point at the bottom left corner (when trimmed) to the 6.5" point at the top right
    corner.  The diagonal also goes from corner to corner in the center square.

9.  Congratulations!  You are finished.  Now make 3 more to complete your unit.

 Another way to do this block is to paper piece!   Email me and I'll send you the pdf file.  



  1. Cutting fabric for JUNE Block Lotto:
    I made a video to show how I cut patches for the Economy Block. It starts with 8" squares of fabric and there's no waste. It's perfect for paper piecing. I suspect it will work for conventional machine piecing too. It's a private video intended for NYCMetroMod only


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