Saturday, March 7, 2020

March Meeting Recap

March, 2020 Meeting Recap!
To all who could not make it, you were missed.
25 Million Stitches - all panels were turned in.  Anyone who was not able to bring their panel in, but meant to should send in to the address stated on the 25 Million Stitches website.  The deadline is on the website, it is April 15th.

Room To Grow Charity - Eva wrote a blog post with the specifics for quilts being made to give to Room to Grow.  Please refer to it for measurements, etc. Jenny will be hanging the quilts for Room to Grow in her store and will do a toy drive for them as well.
It Takes a Tribe - link in last month’s blog.  Anyone who would like to make or has a quilt for them should refer to that link.

Coat of Arms: 
Mia added a mountainscape while out in Telluride, Co. and passed it on to Nancy.
Maren gathered sign ups and will take deposits at our April Meeting.
There is room for 30 people, and 16 people have already signed up, so if you’re interested you’ll need to sign up soon.
Block Lotto:
The March Blocks were raffled off.
The  April Blocks are an H block with the H part in blue and the small squares in warm colors.  Deborah will write a blog post with the exact specifications.

Ariane asked for help in getting the word out for the 6-hour workshop she will be teaching on April 25th at Gotham Quilts.
Ariane launched her YouTube Channel:  Ariane Zurcher - On the Other Hand. Please share on social media and within your groups.  She will be going through Sue Spargo’s Creative Stitching Book and doing tutorials for each stitch, for left handed stitchers, as well as doing other videos for anyone interested in design & stitching. 
Yvette - co-owner of Gotham Quilts would love people to sign up for their “Sewing in the City” which is "a 3- day quilting event. As described by Gotham Quilts - it is "a "reverse retreat" - instead of going out into the woods/country to seclude ourselves and sew, we're bringing people into the heart of the greatest city in the world to learn from the best in the industry. Surround yourself with the energy of the city while we deep dive into new sewing and quilting concepts, stitch our hearts out, and form new lifelong friendships."
Yvette announced that Gotham Quilts is have a Charity Sewing Day - making pillowcases & drawstring bags to benefit the Henry Street Settlement.  March 22nd 12-5PM
Craft in America on PBS featured a show on quilts and quilting.
March 21 - 22 is the Brooklyn Quilt Guild Show.
Jody announced that a quilt will be raffled off during the Northern Star Quilter’s Guild Show the first weekend in May.  The monies raised will go to New Dawn benefiting victims of domestic violence.

Show & Tell:
Diana with her Double Wedding Ring Quilt Top

Lisa with 1 of 2 quilts
Lisa with 2nd of 2 quilts

Jody with the 1st of 2 Quilts
2nd of 2 Quilts

Sue with her "trip around the world" quilt using fabric donated by Candi's.  This quilt will be a raffle quilt.

Caroline with her mini quilt

Maria with her block begun in Ariane's Creative Stitching Workshop last month.

Maria with the beginning of a second square she has begun also from Ariane's workshop

Maria with her quilt using Quilter's Dream Bamboo batting - "Sarah Bond's Stips & Stripes"

Marie with her HerringBone Quilt top 
Ariane with her new design: Abstract Pouch

Jeannine with the quilt top that she quilted

Maureen with her baby quilt

Maureen with her quilt top

Cynthia with her Quilt
Cynthia's Quilt Back

Cynthia with a quilt she began in a Cynthia Corbin workshop

a close up of the hand stitching

The Back 

General Raffle
Quilt Con Recap from Barbara, Caroline and Cynthia

See you in April!

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