Thursday, October 7, 2010

Helen's strip quilt

 Helen sent me this info on her process for making her FABULOUS Green 1" strip quilt...

I made this quilt in sections.  "Stitch & Flipped" my 1 inch strips onto Thermore batting layered with a sturdy flannel backing.  Joined the sections with more strips, added binding, and it was finished!      However, picking all those greens was the best system, just followed my strip led to another........

I have her scrap bag... yipeee!
Now what shall I do with these yummy bits??

I have a few ideas running through my brain...

happy sewing!


  1. Looks great, Helen. What a beautiful quilt!

  2. Helen, I admire your patience. 1" strips?!?! i think half way through i would have added 1.5".. then slipped up to 2".. and by the end I'd have 5" chunks in there.. oh, and it would only be a table runner, because I don't know if I could go back and make another 4 strips...

  3. Looks like a wonderful scrap set- I love greens.


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