Saturday, October 2, 2010


A few things special were discussed today:
Cards are being made up that show our website and blog address.
they will be available at our next meeting, Dec 2nd.

We are able to have bags/mugs/t-shirts etc printed with our new logo.
if that is something you are interested in, 
let me know, (Victoria) and I will get a post together of what is available 
and how much things are...

A contribution from you, for the running of the NING website, 
can be done through PAYPAL.

Donations can be made via PayPal into the account of -
$5 would be a great donation but the amount is entirely up to you.

I am working on a getting us a space to have a show featuring a 12" X 12"
work of art from each of our members.
Hopefully for next fall.

Stay tuned info to follow at our next meeting.


To be able to post to our new blog, 
*you need to be a member of our guild.
*Please send Victoria an Email to add you to the blog author list
Please keep posts relevant to our guild.
Quilt shows, 
New work,
Quilt stories
Guild shows
Your Quilt achievements
Quilt Book reviews, etc etc etc...

Email Victoria at

And lastly,
our next guild challenge INFO 
is posted here.

Scroll down to see all the other goodies!

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