Friday, October 29, 2010

Well . . . I finally did it!

I have been sitting on the fence for awhile now, afraid to jump into the blogging world.
I think having the opportunity to post here, showed me that it wasn't something to be afraid of. Thank you Victoria and Amy!

My blog is called The Red Headed Mermaid. I have always loved mermaids, so mystical.
My blog will mostly be about quilts, but have a few other random things thrown in.
Life is pretty random sometimes right?

This is a full shot of the quilt in the picture about. More Kaffe that I adore.
Now if I could only figure out a few technical things on here . . .


  1. Congrats, Lisa! Blog looks great and love the name. I am a
    mermaid fan too! I have them all over my house. Good luck with
    your blog.

  2. Yes, congratulations, Lisa on taking the plunge & good luck, too!
    I enjoyed my visit to the Red Headed Mermaid.

  3. Thank you Ellen and Margaret! See you at the next meeting.

  4. I recognize some of that looks abit afraid to finish mine...yours looks so fantastic and "NEAT" smiles...


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