Sunday, December 5, 2010

More from the December Meeting

Another great meeting! It's nice to see people whose names I'm finally remembering, and to meet some new folks as well. I know we'd all like to thank Victoria (and her husband and daughter) once again for hosting--she's been so generous to have such a boisterous group descend upon her loft like a quilting tornado.

The front and back of our group strip quilt. There aren't enough adjectives to describe how great this turned out. Another million thanks to Margaret for quilting and binding it!

Here's the back of Jan's first quilt--after she finished hand-piecing the front, she had enough fabric left over that she decided to hand-piece the back as well!

Another pillow top made from Suzanne's grandfather's ties, which are certainly going to be cherished gifts. She has dozens more ties, and hopes to make a quilt in the future.

Nicole asked for input on this bold, graphic quilt. Whatever she decides, this is going to be incredible when it's done!

Helen passed around her super detailed vest so we could all take a closer look!

Margaret showed us this unbelievable quilt top that came out of her 15 Minutes Play work. The thing that's most difficult to believe is that Margaret is fairly new to quilting!

Kim is still working away on her appliqued blocks, each one somehow more beautiful than the last! As we were leaving, she also showed a couple of us some photos of her in-progress grandmother's flower garden quilt--I cannot wait for the show and tell of that finished quilt. It might be a long time coming, but it'll be worth the wait!

Here's the back of my quilting bee quilt. I finished sewing on the binding after the meeting, and I'm so glad to have one project done! So many yet to finish, which is something I know everyone in this group can relate to.

Andrea had shown us this quilt top at the last meeting, and this time she brought it to show us the AMAZING quilting she'd done. Check out those roses on the border! There are also four words quilted around the border. Quite an accomplishment, and sure to be a well-loved gift!

At our last meeting, Jessica had brought a piece she had made from the scrap challenge of the previous meeting, and suggested we pass it around to keep adding to it. Andrea was the first to take it, and she added the long solid pieces along the top and side edges--including a few tiny breaks in the orange, an homage to a portion that Jess included in her section, which had been a scrap in Janet's scrap bag. (Says Jess, "She's the daring one willing to add in 5/8" strips." Indeed!) Who knows what the next quilter, Victoria, will do with it now!

I foolishly believed this was a group of gals too nice and polite to nab their neighbor's fat quarters in our Yankee swap. But quilters know what they like, and they're not afraid to take it! Here's hoping those pieces spark some creativity!


  1. Thanks for the great post & photos Mary~
    truth be told, the first spliced strip in the round robin was actually a scrap in Janet's scrap bag. She's the daring one willing to add in 5/8" strips.. can you edit to give her credit?

  2. Done! That makes this quilt even better--it's like a matryoshka doll, someone's work within someone's work within someone's work. Marvelous!

  3. Soooo bummed to have missed this meeting! I've just moved to NYC recently and it looks like you have such an inspiring group! Looking forward to the next. - Carrie

  4. Great re-cap, Mary! Thanks, you guys for pushing my creative reset button. I went home with lots of new inspiration and energy. Really enjoying this diverse group in person and online!

  5. Great photos and commentary, Mary. Thanks!
    It was a great meeting - so inspiring. Nice to see all those beautiful quilts again.


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