Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feb 5th meeting updates

I wanted to pop on and remind you all that the FEB 5th meeting
is fast approaching, and it will be a fun time!

I wanted to go over once again, what we need for our DECEMBER quilt project...
to get it pieced..

Please raid your stash to find other PURPLE/PINK toned 12.5" blocks
to set our FABULOUS collection of Cheddar Blocks.  

If you could bring one to two (different fabrics, not all the same)
this will be a  large quilt, so we need a bunch of pieces to pick through and layout...

This tone seems to be what is working best with the blocks... 

smallish prints, leaning towards dark fuchsia... 
purples and oranges look great with it...
some with even touches of turquoise in it, as several of the blocks 
have those three colors in it...

NOTE: If you made a block but weren't able to bring the cheddar block to the meeting in DEC, we are ONE block short... Please bring it to the meeting...
(not mentioning any names...DAVE... hehe! we know you made one.... Hope to see you in FEB!)


is listed here.
please click to he page for all the details.

I've made a bunch just for play and experiments... they have been fun little morsels
to have laying all over my house... LOL!

 It was mentioned that a bunch would like to do a scrap bag swap again.
If you'd like to participate, please bring a Zip lock, or whatever, Filled with scraps to swap with.

I was thinking about the round robin quilts going around, and wondered about organizing partners, and do two person round robins as a group.

Janet and I are currently working on one, and we've been having a blast with it so far...
you can see it's progression here: CLICK

Jessica started the one, (CLICK HERE) that is on it's 4thor 5th person, 
(it's looking Fabulous!)
and has another that is about to start making rounds...

We can discuss this more at the meeting, 
so bring some scraps if you'd like to join in, and
we can hash out the details then...

 ALSO happening at our Feb meeting...
My pal, Jackie, 
is coming to stay with me for that weekend, so 
she gets to say Hi to you all too!  Many of you know Jackie's blog,
her fun pod casts,  fabric shop and long arming services...

Lastly, Of course we want you all to bring your show and tell
And your lovely smiling faces...

Questions can be left here in the comments or email
me at
bumblebeansinc at gmail dot com

-- Victoria


  1. I can't wait to get my hands back on this!! I hope my niece will understand if I'm late for her wedding this weekend because I'll be sewing.

  2. I'm sorry that I probably won't be there on the 5th.... will most likely be in DE helping daughter who is expecting her 3rd on that date. Will try to send my quarter round blocks with Chris if she's going.... and will dig through my stash for any pink/purples..... Sorry to miss you all and miss meeting new "guests"