Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jessica's Swap Quilt

When I received this quilt from Lisa, I was amazed at how beautiful and vibrant it is in person. Your eye just travels from one playful spot to another.

I was inspired by Helen and Lisa's small squares of color and also by the palette and curves of the fabric with the semi-circles. I added the purple strip with the squares with curves at top and 3 slices of color on bottom and an angled green strip next to it. On the opposite side, a lighter strip of pinks and oranges.

It is now off to Margaret's house and then on to Encyclopedia to play with. Who will be after that???


  1. Ellen! It looks wonderful. I love your curved blocks, great addition. Can't wait to see what happens next.

  2. Ellen! it looks fabulous! Jessica is going to have one beauty of a quilt!

  3. I love seeing this evolve! And I'll take a turn at it if I can!!

  4. I hope it makes a personal appearance at our next meeting.

  5. This is turning into much more than i could have imagined (and far nicer than it would have been if i had just kept plugging away at it myself..)
    thanks Ellen!


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