Monday, February 21, 2011

And the winners are...

In the spirit of the upcoming Oscars, and to limit my post to the "highlights" ("lowlights"?) of my UFO's, I choose a few that stood out in selected categories.

The winner of "Best Adaptation" are these blocks from the Dear Jane collection. In an effort to "adapt" to a quilting group that I wanted to belong to, I joined in with the project that they were working on at the time. I still can't even believe I made this many of the blocks, complete with sheet protectors and a binder!!! A Janiac, I am not.

In the "Best Supporting Cast" category are these blocks that I started to match my living room. I bought tons of fabric so I would have plenty of scrappy variety, then arranged little swatches of them in value order. I even had to order a huge hunk of fabric for the background, in case I ran out I guess, or for the dozens of other projects that were certain to follow. This was so long ago that I'm ready to redecorate. Finishing this project is probably even less likely than that. Too much math.

Moving on to "Best Foreign Subject" is this somewhat odd depiction of a Marcel Breuer chair. At least all the piecing is done. Maybe I will put it on the pile to be quilted, though I can't decide how weird it is.

And for the "Lifetime Achievement" award, I couldn't resist showing you this "shard" from my collection. (Sounds better than a UFO). It was made sometime around 1974. There was another piece like it that I had finished, but gave away as a gift. This is all I have left as a superb example of the kinds of fabric that were available at that time :) I love having this little remnant of my beginnings.


  1. LOL! I'm laughing with you, not at you, Janet. Have been in a support group for Janiacs myself. And I think my 9-patch UFO would fit nicely in your supporting cast. Would be happy to quilt your Breuer chair for you in return. And your shard will be a collector's item someday. Hang on to it!

  2. hahahah! this is so fun! Your a hoot.... I could have guessed the year on that last one! I think I have some toddler clothes out of those prints.. ;-)

  3. And the Oscar goes to Janet! Love the way you told your story ... & while I admire the precision that went into the UFOs, I much prefer your current work.


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