Sunday, February 6, 2011

February Show & Tell

We were very lucky to have the Empire Guild's Subway Series raffle quilt at yesterday's meeting. It was designed by Mary Cargill and the blocks were appliqu├ęd by several Empire Guild members. If you didn't purchase any raffle tickets yesterday, you can do so at next week's Empire meeting, or contact Victoria for more info.

It's always impossible to choose a favorite work at our meetings, but this month it was really easy for me: Margaret's memory quilt is a beautiful work of art and sentiment.

Victoria and Janet are making these identical round-robin quilts.
Just how big will they get?

All hand-pieced!

Happy early birthday, Jackie!

And thanks to our other Jackie for visiting! Hope you come back again--we can bribe you with silks if we must.

Terri tested out a layout for her fans--her first quilt!


  1. True Inspiration. I tell you, everytime I come to a meeting, I anxiously look forward to seeing all of the wonderful work that everyone does. I am always inspired, and amazed at the wealth of creativity that dwells in each of you. It is so beautiful to see...the many expressions within the same medium. Keep stitching...smiles

  2. I hope to come back too!! It was such a fun group, totally inspirational. Silks... if there are silks involved, I will be there!!