Sunday, February 6, 2011

Next Round

I had the collaboration quilt back on the wall last night at 12:30. Couldn't wait! I like to load up my visual reservoir before going to sleep.
So, since we are going for process, I will show some of my ideas as they come along. I can't promise that things will end as they began! My first and current idea is that some LINES would be nice; long, wavy, skinny, pieced lines. I'm not ready to call it a day on this piece and thought this might continue the border effect that Victoria started, but with a change of scale for contrast. I also have a pair of pieced cross blocks (one for each quilt, of course!) that didn't make it into an earlier round, so they might get included, too.

I have to do a major cleanup of my work table in order to have enough room to cut the long strips that I have in mind. Always good to have a project that motivates you to declutter! I added an extra cutting mat so I can cut whole strips w/o having to move the fabric.
A few lines in my sketchbook for warm up, and that's it for now. Gonna catch some sun with my dog!


  1. side-by-side cutting mats! genius!
    I think lines will contrast well with the graphic polkadots on the ikat. what I want to know is how do you choose colors for these twin collaborative quilts?

  2. you are daring! If I do that before I go to bed, I'm up all night, because I can't STOP thinking about options! This may just be a King size yet...

    Jessica, Each time I have gotten the quilt back, I'm amazed by Janet's Fabric stash. I take her lead off what she has added to the quilt... I usually try to find one eye popping thing to add, as I think it helps to break up the "ROWS" that get added... You see the POP's of color before you see the addition of a new row... I liked the idea of adding the IKAT fabric this last time as it played well with the dark blue horizontal lines that Janet added previously... and felt that RED needed to keep spreading out into the borders like a stone in the water rippling...

  3. It's a combination of working with the colors that came before and also pushing them a little so they're not too predictable. (And I let Victoria add the yellows because I know how much she likes them:) I, too, try to break up the rows a little, but for me using shape more than color.
    I put all my color and fabric choices up on the wall for awhile for some pondering...
    V., love your choice of the word "rippling". It helped me focus a little more on what I want to do!


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