Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Process, process...

Hello Metro Mod Quilters!
I was really sad to miss last weekend's meeting. The circle quilt looks wonderful! I like the idea of posting questions to the blog. So here goes: I am starting a new project today. It's a pattern I saw online (here's the link: and it's for my mom. So far she and I went to her local quilt shop ( and picked out fabrics. We really liked the blue batik with the dots in circles, so we got lots of that. And yes, that's my favorite fabric up in the back right!

First step: cut lots of strips (the pattern calls for jelly rolls). The nice thing about having the intended owner of the quilt pick out the fabrics is that I'm happier knowing that they might actually like it. I wouldn't have chosen these colors, together, but now I think it's a nice mix. I think the most challenging part of this project is going to be quilting it, I'm trying for a queen and I've never made one that large. We'll see!

Here goes....


  1. Your mom lives in Taos? Isn't that where the earthship homes are? I used to daydream about living in one of those and just quilting for a living. Then I wondered if they could actually generate enough electricity to run a long arm.. and that was the end of that daydream.
    Anyway, I'm glad you're ready to cut. It looks like you've got traditional fabrics in a very modern pattern, should be a good quilt.

  2. Pretty fabrics and nice pattern. I like the blue dot batik. Is that your background or will it be a neutral? I am sure your Mom will love it. Have fun! Oh, and those earthship homes??? Wow - crazy! So Interesting!


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