Sunday, February 13, 2011

Where I Work

Here are a few photos of my workspace!  I wish I had a formal sewing area, but for now, the sewing machine sits on our dining table.  There's not much room in a Manhattan apartment to put it elsewhere!  I place the sewing machine in a closet when guests come over.

I do most of my cutting on the floor in front of the TV (today I was watching old episodes of HBO's "Rome"), and I slip the cutting mat, rulers and blocks-in-progress under the TV unit after I finish sewing.

As for a design wall, I tend to use the living room floor and just take photos of my work as I go along to see the big picture.  It works surprisingly well, although my ever-patient husband has to jump over quilt blocks on a regular basis.  :)

One day, I hope to have a real sewing room...a girl can dream!



  1. i love your living room rug... reminds me of this quilt.

  2. Great idea to slide your cutting supplies under your console!

  3. I used the floor of my daughter's bedroom after she went off to college and before that, the living room floor. Both worked just fine. It's amazing what we can do when we have to.

  4. I always think of comments the best chefs say about kitchens and equipment. With a stove that works and some good pans you can create some fabulous meals. Keep cookin"!


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