Monday, March 7, 2011

my secret weapon

I'm not a sewing gadget kind of person, but I do have these FROMM scissors 
that I bought 10 years ago to cut my daughters bangs.... What makes them great for sewing?
I've never sharpened them, they are still sharp as all get out... 
Since they are  hair scissors, you can cut with them any which way you pick them up... 
I have even used my left hand with them and they still cut...upside down they cut,
backwards they cut....  both sides of the blades are sharp, unlike a regular scissors 
where one side of each is sharp...  This picture shows them nearly actual size...

threads, fabrics, I keep thee next to my machine.... great for clipping seems, 
fabulous for paper piecing... small scissors, with a BIG bite!

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  1. hmmmmm seamstress and haircutter! I think there is still tons more to learn about V.!!!


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