Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's get talking: Week 8

Another amazing meeting has us all energized and ready to sew.  Did you see, David went home and tried paper piecing!  Awesome!

What have you been scared of?  Would you like some friendly guild encouragement to get over your fear?

This week, let's talk about some quilting technique that you haven't tried because you don't know how or you're scared you won't be able to do it.  Or maybe you've tried it a couple times but it still frightens you..
What is it folks?  I'm sure someone in the guild can help~

(honest confession-- until 6 months ago, I had a secret fear of HSTs)

Don't forget to consider these questions:
  1. Where did you see this technique that it intimidated you?
  2. What's one technique you used to be afraid of, but now you're comfortable with?


  1. Yes, a great meeting! Always inspiring... thanks everybody, I came home and finished my hand quilting project! Now just for borders and quilting and binding.

    But wow, the list of things I'm scared to try (or just simply mystified by) is as long as my arm... let's see, paper piecing is certainly up there, lots of free-motion quilting designs like feathers (thanks Encyclopedia, for the instructions, and thanks Victoria for the inspiration even to try)...

    At least I tried some curves a few months ago, even if my blocks were never finished and didn't make it into the final group quilt (which looks terrific, by the way). That's something I was definitely mystified by, and now don't have as much fear of, which is awesome because I get sooooooo tired of triangles! I'm also trying my first Queen-sized quilt, which is much bigger than anything I've done before... will probably take me all summer, but I'm hoping to bring the top to the June meeting. Go go go...! :-)

  2. What's an HST? I hope it cleared up.

  3. david~ hahaha. Half Square Triangle. and yes, I feel much better about them now.

  4. Ahh Jess...your HST is something I would love to have...or atleast venture to make them so lovely and perfect as yours...perhaps that shall be my other hurdle...


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