Friday, April 22, 2011

Resurrection Sunday...Passover...Holy Week...

Hello everyone, as we make our way through this holy season...I have been thinking about a Holy week quilt.  It has been roaming around in my brain as each day went by.  Therefore, I am going to make a quilt for next year's Passover/Easter season.

I have googled bible/scripture related blocks and have come up with a series of them.  They are pretty traditional, however I will be sure to jazz them up in a New Millenia style, color, and fabric.  Our June Block Challenge will be great inspiration for that.  With that said...I am putting it in writing to ensure that It is completed...smiles.

And I wish everyone a Blessed Holy season, Passover, Easter, Resurrection Sunday, and just overall Health, Spirit and Quilting Blessings.  E

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  1. Resurrection Sunday I'm looking forward to the beautiful music we are going to be singing. I look forward to see your quilt progress


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