Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thirsty for a Bee.....

I can't wait...I tell ya...I am excited...because this is another first for me...Queen Bee...coolness.  Its also a bit daunting...because I have never been in one, just researched all of the rules and eitquettes related to being in a Bee.  I want to be a great worker Bee.  Thinking about my skills and abilities...will the other Queens like what I made?  Will I follow the directions properly?  Is my block to abstract, to difficult, to structured...oh all the things that are running through my mind.  And I am the FIRST one...Perhaps it is good....I can start before everyone else...so I have one idea and then by the time everyone else posts their blocks, I know that I have already came up with my one idea...smiles..  I look forward to the challenge, the inspiration, the desire for perfection....Yipppee My First Bee.  I wonder if I will be as parched this time next year? hmmmm
P.S. this is a bit of a hint of where my block is going....

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  1. Don't stress! You are going to "bee" a wonderful Queen Bee! Can't wait to see what you comeup with! Could this block have something to do with your yummy blue and whites???


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