Monday, April 4, 2011

Virtual Quilting Bees

Hi all,

David and I spoke about virtual quilting bees during the last meeting, and I thought I should post some info for those who are interested.  Virtual quilting bees are a LOT of fun and help you learn great new techniques!  Here are some of the blocks I have made in the Hip 2 Bee Square Bee:

A virtual quilting bee usually consists of 12 people, and the group runs for a year.  Most folks use Flickr as the group page.  Each month, one member is the "Queen Bee" and sends out fabric and instructions.  Each member makes a quilt block and mails it back.  After the month is over, the Queen Bee should have enough blocks to piece together a quilt!  The only fees are the mailing costs (a dollar or two each month) and the fabric costs for your Queen Bee month.

If you like making the monthly Metro Mod Challenge blocks, you'll really enjoy joining a bee!  CLICK HERE for the main Flickr group with an ongoing discussion thread if you want to sign up for a bee.  Enjoy!


  1. why don't we do our OWN quilting bee? 12 players is all we need... we can do a couple of them if we have enough players...

  2. thanks nicole for sharing the bee info~
    I second V's idea for a guild bee-- i've had mixed experiences with the bees i've joined through flickr or blogs just made up of random bloggers.. one of the blocks I got back was so poorly made the seams almost fell apart (note to quilting friends: check tension before mailing bee blocks!). In one bee I felt that even after a year of working together and "communicating" through flickr, i still didn't really know the women, and when I look at my quilt I don't know which block came from which person. I think it would be a lot more fun to make a quilt made from blocks that my friends made, and to make blocks for them all year as well.
    If we get enough interest for a guild bee, count me in!

  3. Im with ya...I want to be in a Bee...and we have enough folks to just create more outside of the 15 minutes...smiles... sign me up..

  4. Count me in for a Bee! I think I can handle an extra one. We can use Flickr or start a side page on the blog.

  5. Please use the BLOG for the BEE's...
    we have it, let's use it...

  6. Sounds great! We may need to add a side page on the blog to keep the months, members and information organized, but it should work.

    For those who are interested in joining a bee, please stay tuned to the blog! It's official...we are starting one soon. Information to follow. :)


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