Thursday, April 14, 2011

what inspires me now.

 What inspires me now?  
Anything to do with community.... 

I realize in life the older
I get, how much more I value my friends around me and how 
much more I want them ( you all) around!

This group and blogs have been amazing, as I have met so many wonderful people.
People, I know, will be in my life for along time...
This was a signature quilt style quilt, bu tit has NO SIGNATURES!! Found in an antique store.

One thing I have done for ages is collect old quilts from Antique stores...
Often they are not anything special, but sometimes I come across one that has 
signatures embroidered over them. I quickly feel a connection to this quilts having 
had some connection with the people who have made or helped made, or I can appreciate all 
the love it took for someone to make a block and contribute to that quilt...
Which was what led me to bringing that up at our last meeting about doing the blocks at our 
A way to bring EVERYONE together, no matter who you are, what you do... 
all are welcome.

So after seeing this TOP 1884 QUAKER community quilt in Philly last weekend, 
 I am on a mission to make my own signature quilt...

Please see my post at my site

If you care to make me one.... all the info is at that link....

Thanks everyone!


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  1. I am Thankful that my Guild search led me to you ...and all the wonderful people that I get to see now...and recognize while out and about...Does the block have to have ALL the know i am in a theme...started by you...soooooo


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