Tuesday, May 10, 2011

posting for Carole

After much teeth-gnashing and liberal use of my seam ripper, here is my final result.  I'm pretty happy with it although I had no idea where I was going when I started.  It represents Earth, Sky, and fire.  It certainly took me out of my comfort zone -- which is what I was hoping for when I signed up to join the Bee.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's blocks.
This is also my first time posting so that, also, has taken some time to figure out.  I hope it works. 


  1. Carole I lovee.. it...It is so quaint...I love the blends of color and the way you used the fabric and added some great ones tooo..ahhh the brown batiks...so Earthy...smiles...and i am pleased to see how you used the sent fabric but..you have to look hard to identify it...smiles...lovely..I am oh so glad you enjoyed..

  2. Oh that is wonderful! Love the tree and the sun.

  3. The fabrics you added are wonderful! Love it.


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