Friday, July 1, 2011

Texture for Kimberly

Mod Bee: Kimberly

Squeaking in just under (okay, over) the wire, here's my block for Kimberly for June!

How could I keep from making the spider the center of attention? The rick rack was a fun addition--they're just attached down the middle, because there was something satisfying in letting the edges be flippy. And like E, this was my first experience with prairie points. I could see incorporating them to a larger degree in a whole quilt.

But then when I finished sewing, stood back and looked, it didn't seem done.

Ah, a heart-shaped button on the spider's butt, of course!

Hope you like it, Kim!


  1. Love your block, Mary! Makes me wish I could have come up with something better. I was super-challenged by this one.

  2. Nicely done! Love the spider with the heart bum! Too cute.

  3. I know. It is so clean and simple..I love it. I want one...smiles love it

  4. Great stuff Mary! Really love what you did!


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