Thursday, August 4, 2011

41 for David

I was especially excited about this challenge, which may explain why I started on it right away. I’ve seen the circular flying geese blocks on several blogs, but this is my first attempt. I really like how it turned out. I got the paper-piecing template here. It says that it will finish as a 12 inch block, but it actually finishes 10 inches.
Now for the explanation of my block - I have Grapheme Synesthesia. It essentially means that my brain “sees” each number (and some letters) as a different color. The number/color equivalents have always been the same since I was a little kid. My earliest number memories include their corresponding colors. I'm not really sure about the eye/brain specifics. I've read that researchers think that when a synesthete sees a number or letter which would elicit a response from the left side of the brain, then the message first takes a detour through the other side of the brain picking up the color. Essentially, in my brain the number 4 is blue and the number 1 is light gray (lighter than the gray I used, but it’s all I had). This is the first time I’ve expressed my synesthesia in quilt form!


  1. oh wow...i saw a special on that...and find it absolutely fascinating...and wow...what a joy to see sooo visually....and it is absolutely stellar block and an amazing story for David to remember....

  2. That is soooo interesting... the block looks great, sounds like a possibility for a series?

  3. This is fascinating. I know that I have certain associations between colors and music. The key of F is blue, the key of C is white, etc.....Not that it will help me make David's block!!!

  4. I love this. But since I'm not in this Bee, I'd love to know what the parameters are.... What was/is david's request?

  5. I love your block! I just finished a red and white circle of flying geese quilt. I set it on point and it turned out beautiful. Can't wait to see how yours turns out.


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