Sunday, August 7, 2011

Newark Museum quilt show coming!

 Masterpiece Quilts
Since purchasing its first quilt in 1918, the Museum’s has amassed one of the most comprehensive quilt collections in the nation, both stylistically and historically, consisting of more than 150 pieces today. Patchwork from Folk Art to Fine Art tracks the evolution of quilts—from functional masterpieces of women’s folk art to self-conscious artworks intended for display rather than practical purposes.   Many have never been on public view before.
The exhibition features more than two dozen quilts, some created with powerful graphic designs pieced together from geometric patches of silk, wool or cotton, while other are more complex works of narrative folk art, filled with appliqué motifs and embroidered enrichment.
Album quilts, commemorative quilts and crazy quilts—all of these were ways in which women in centuries past built community and were able to express their artistic skills within the confines of gender roles.  Contemporary studio quilters have also embraced the historic traditions of their craft, while creating a kind of quilt that has only existed since the late twentieth century.
Patchwork from Folk Art to Fine Art is a must see for those who appreciate textiles, both for their artistic beauty and their exquisite craftsmanship.
Accompanying this exhibition is The Global Art of Patchwork: Africa and Asia, showcasing work of patchwork traditions outside the world of quilts, also drawn from the Museum’s holdings.

Banner image (detail):
 Crib or child's quilt, 2004-05, Bibijan Ibrahimsahib, Kendaligri, India, Cotton, 37 x 49 in., Purchase 2006 The Members' Fund  2006.32.2


October 15, 2011
at the museum,
This evening program will feature  a screening of Jena Moreno's documentary,
Stitched followed by a 
roundtable discussion with invited guests, (myself included)
moderated by Meg Cox that will 
explore the dialogue between traditional quilt making and quilting as a medium
 for fine art. 
 This program will be the first of a three-part series that is planned in conjunction 
with the Museum's Fall exhibition, Patchwork from Folk Art to Fine Art. 


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