Monday, September 5, 2011

Antiquated Updated

"Antiquated Updated"
In order to define what “Modern Quilting” is, I started by making 4 quilts.  Each one of them only had parts of what I might consider modern, like making things up as I go, using up what I have, incorporating bold prints, adding in some odd element here and there. But not one of them had everything I was trying to express. Then I looked around my studio, and literally, grabbed a block out of a bed size quilt I was making.  It included scraps, odd angle piecing, solids, prints, old and new styles of fabrics, brights, lights and darks. It had everything in it that defined “modern” for me, it was truly a piece that shows the way I work.
Every one of the quilts I make are modern.  The process for me is modern. It reflects what needs to come out of me creatively. Everything I bring to the quilt, is modern.  It reflects my history of learning to quilt, who I was inspired by and why I continue to quilt.  Most of my work is based on my grandmother’s crazy quilts, and I think this piece shows, that all though the technique has been around for ages, it can have a bright new spin no matter what era it is. - Victoria Findlay Wolfe


  1. Fabulous crazy quilt..... and Thoroughly Modern Victorian!!!

  2. Love it, V.
    Helen, Modern Victorian....hahahaha!!! and so true!

  3. I think that your piece & process statement reflect that modern side of you, V ... & I like it!


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