Saturday, September 10, 2011

"In Balance"

Fabric is the medium in which I make art. The Modern Quilt movement has offered me boundless connections to others who also love to create with fabric. There is great enthusiasm and appreciation of all styles.
When I am in my studio, a particular piece of fabric will grab my attention. Scraps of pieced fabric from other projects beckon. A composition develops. I observe, and make visual decisions about what is beginning to happen.
Here, I began to think about how to visually balance an asymmetrical composition. I enjoyed knowing the confines of the piece to begin with. Limitations help stimulate the creative process.
Not all is cerebral. There is the endless joy of color, pattern, and texture that quilt making brings to me, and the communal spirit of Modern Quilting.


  1. Lovely. You must have had my scrap bag at one time.. I am recognizing familiar fabrics... ;-)

  2. I love they way you have repeated the rectangle....and your dots!!!

  3. I've looked at this a long time ... the composition is engaging ...
    and your hand quilting is beautiful.


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