Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let's start talking again!

Hey guild!  How have y'all been?
Next week at Victoria's I'm sure the conversation will be free-flowing, but it still probably won't be enough time to reconnect with everyone after our loooong summer break, so why not get the party started now?

What have you been making this summer?
  • Give us a sneak peek of your show-n-tell, or write a post to share all the projects you can't bring with you next Saturday (like the ones you gifted away since the last meeting!).
I for one have had a long long summer which started on 5/22 when I graduated with my MA! (woohoo)
The next day we left for a 5 week trip to Greece..
(picture me quilting on the beach-- I have photos, but I'm not posting any bikini-clad ones here)
I spent the entire trip focused on this quilt, and I'm happy to say it's almost all pieced!
We also visited an awesome Folk Art Museum in a tiny mountain town on the island of Paros.
I asked if anyone in the town still made things, but they woman said no, most able-bodied people had left the village and everyone left was too old.  That's just how it goes, but I'm glad they are making some effort to preserve things. 
This summer I also worked on my guild show submission, and made a Trip Around the World quilt for my cousin's wedding. 

Just last night I finished the backing and basted this quilt (from our February meeting!), and I'd love to show it to you all finished on Saturday, but I've got another wedding to go to, so I won't be there.

See, now you know why I want to get the party started early.. It's killing me to miss two meetings in a row!

So get posting and tell us what's been going on!

("Let's get talking" is a weekly* conversation starter posted by your overly cheerful blog-chair, Jessica.  Guild members are encouraged to write their own blog posts on the topic at anytime during the week, and comments are welcome from all readers. 
* by "weekly" I mean the weeks I remember to post something.  Suggestions for new topics always welcome.  Email me. )


  1. Oh Jess! We are going to miss you so much. I was really looking forward to seeing you. Have fun at the wedding, they are going to be bowled over by your quilt!

  2. Beautiful paper pieced quilt. I'm doing one using the same papers but using 1930s style fabric stars with white separating them.


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