Monday, September 26, 2011

What I Did on my Summer Vacation

Thanks to Jessica for getting the weekly conversation started again!  Here are some odds-and-ends from my summer vacation:

I created my first paper piecing tutorial.  It is for a Hanukkah-themed mug rug that features a hidden pocket for hiding chocolate gelt.  Yum!

I traveled a lot, to places such as Lancaster County, Los Angeles, the Berkshires and upstate New York.

And the big husband and I are relocating to South Florida!  It's sad to leave New York but exciting to have a new adventure (you can read more about the news HERE and HERE).  I'll miss everyone at the Metro Mod Guild, but I plan on staying active via blogging and through the Quilting Bee (just paid my membership dues).

I am also in the works to start up the South Florida Modern Quilt Guild with some other folks, and we hope to have our first meeting soon!  It will be an exciting opportunity to bring such a wonderful organization to the South Florida community, and I have wonderful experiences and memories to draw from, thanks to the Metro Mod Guild, as we start up the new chapter.  :)

The new view from my windows!


  1. Aw, sad news for us but happy news for you. Congrats on the move!

  2. oh no! that's sad news! Good luck Nicole! Are you still here? Will we see you Saturday to say goodbye?

  3. oh no! thank goodness for blogland, I'd hate to lose such a creative member of our group~
    you've really opened my eyes to a lot of things, modern-quilt-wise, and i hope that can continue online anyway.
    you'll be missed nicole!!

    (btw, love the dredl mugrug. i put gelt in my son's christmas stocking, is this wrong? or just part of a cross cultural new york holiday?)


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